Equine​​​​​ Encounters

Zen Horse Experience                                                      

​Curious about what the horses have to teach us? Or, simply curious about life coaching?  Schedule a short session to experience the power of coaching!  ​This sessions may be in person, with or without horses or on the phone.

​Your Authentic Self                                                      3 sessions

Exploring your inner alignment and congruence, using a series of interactive activities with our horses, will begin to reveal your authentic self--including strengths and passions.  Once we understand who we are, our true essence, we can learn to live as our authentic selves.  In this series, you will uncover strengths you may have long forgotten or not yet discovered!

​​Intuitive Guidance                                                             3 sessions

​Reclaim and nurture your intuition to manifest your dreams and desires of your authentic self. We, as humans, have forfeited our intuitive powers for language. By working with horses, you can learn to trust your intuition, using the smallest actions, shifts in breathing, posture and tone to inform and enhance your intuition. 

 Your Experience                                                                3 sessions

Whether you want to calm the mind, relieve stress, sharpen focus, live in the present moment or discover your passion and life purpose, coaching will help you find the answers. Your experience can be in person, with or without horses, on the phone or Skype.  

​The Art of Equus                                                         

Nurture your creativity in this 2-hour workshop integrating inspiring horse interactions with your own artistic creations.  This is a wonderful workshop for friends, book clubs, church groups or teams!  Various mediums will be used. Materials are provided. No art experience is necessary.

Workshop is limited to 6 participants.  

Soul Massage  Single Session                                                                          

Sometimes life throws something at us out of the blue and we need to reconnect with our inner wisdom for answers.  Or, perhaps you just need some vitamin H!  My horses and I are ready to help you problem solve or reconnect with nature.  Schedule your appointment today!

Corporate Training Equine Experience

 "THE HORSE COURSE" from The Learner's Edge LLC

Inspire unity, creativity and connectivity with unique horse centered activities in a safe, yet exciting environment. Tailored to your business needs. 

Contact us for a personal consultation.

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To inspire authentic, balanced lives with intention, passion, courage and joy

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