Mission Statement

To inspire authentic, balanced lives with intention, passion, courage and joy

Edwin Reed

​Horse Handler

Edwin Reed is an experienced horseman with over 20 years of working with horses and riding.  He has a BFA from Southern Methodist University and 10 years of management experience.


Our Team


This was far beyond what I expected. Being with your horses was powerfully therapeutic.... today's experience deeply motivated me.   -Hyun

​I feel as if I was offered (and accepted) very deep healing on many levels.  -Karen

I could never have imagined that an animal could be such a healer and a "guide" for us humans.  -Carla

I realized how easy it was to find the answers by connecting with the horses rather than by analyzing and seeking answers with other humans. -Sharon


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Diane Dean

Master Certified Coach

Diane Dean is a master certified coach, trainer, facilitator with a Master's degree in psychology. She is a management consultant with over 20 years experience.  She is an experienced horsewoman who has combined her passions of horses and coaching the "The Horse Course".

​​Michelle Hefner

Certified Equine Professional

Michelle Hefner is a life coach with International Coaching Federation certification pending.  She is a student of the EponaQuest modality of equine facilitated learning and is a certified equine professional with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.  She has a BA and teaching certification from U.T.  Zen Horse is a natural culmination of years as a teacher, riding instructor and horse trainer.  

Pehr Smith

Artist/Art Professor

Pehr Smith is a visual artist based in Austin, Tx.  He has been teaching at U.T., Texas State and ACC, and is represented in local and national collections.  He has a BFA from Webster University and completed his Masters of Fine Arts from U.T. 

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