Mission Statement

To inspire authentic, balanced lives with intention, passion, courage and joy

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Mission Statement

To inspire the human spirit with unique interactive encounters utilizing the gentle help of equine team members and experienced trainers.

If a Reflection could respond and react, what would you learn about yourself?

If a Mirror could bring about greater awareness, what would you discover? 

Their sincerity inspires congruence and authenticity. 

​Their honesty will transform you.



​Our truly unique experiences will help you to...

Zen Horse

​   Life Coaching and Equine Encounters

NO horse experience is necessary.

   Nurture and develop intuition

   Discover presence, unknown strengths and your innate wisdom

   Find your true passion and design your inspired life

   Stretch your ability to feel the presence and intention of other sentient beings

   Use your entire body as a sensory device

   Recognize your communication beyond words

   Uncover hidden aspects of yourself that enrich your life and your              


We create safe, enlightening opportunities for you to design your purpose filled life and reach your greatest potential.