NO horse experience is necessary.

Zen Horse Life Coaching was born from my passion for horses and my passion for empowering people to live their authentic, purpose-filled lives in all areas--from coaching business leaders in communication skills for success to empowering people through life's many transformations in careers, relationships and life paths.  

Through coaching, I support you in:

  • discovering strategies for overcoming limiting, negative beliefs 
  •  developing skills increase Presence, intention, congruency and knowledge of your true heart's desires, bringing Peace to your life
  • discovering your unique essence beyond your "story", including your many hidden strengths, innate wisdom and Joy
  • ​recognizing your communication beyond words
  • ​crafting your Inspired Life
  • co-creating amazing relationships with others

Zen Horse

​   Life Coaching and Equine Encounters

Mission Statement

To inspire authentic, balanced lives with intention, passion, courage and joy

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Mission Statement

To inspire the human spirit with unique interactive encounters utilizing the gentle help of equine team members and experienced trainers.

What is Zen Horse Life Coaching?

If a Reflection could respond and react, what would you learn about yourself?

If a Mirror could bring about greater awareness, what would you discover? 

Their sincerity inspires congruence and authenticity. 

​Their honesty will transform you.